Recent Adoptions

Congratulations Hollis Family!

Congratulations to the Hollis Family who have waited 604 days to make official what was already in their hearts all along! Jaisen Howard Hollis this is your day! May your future be as bright as the light that exudes from your smiles! Asherdee and Daniel, Thank you for the pleasure…..

Congratulations Dickens Family!

I am so excited to announce that after 567 days in foster care, but much longer in this home, Karen and Wyatt were able to finally be adopted by their amazing grandparents Mr. and Mrs. Dickens. These two individuals have stood by the sides of these children and done everything…..

Congratulations Yancey Family!

Congratulations to the Yancey Family and to Aspen Grace who today forever became part of this family.  It’s an awesome summer as we celebrate so many adoptions and we are so thankful for this amazing family.  

Congratulations Henry Family!

Congratulations to the Henry Family and to little Brayden who now has a forever family that will love him always and keep him safe from harm.

Congratulations Wehe Family!

Today we share in the absolute JOY of the official adoption of the Wehe twins. After two years of waiting the day was full of tears and happiness. Crystal is a loving woman who is now mommy to two beautiful twin toddlers that she has cared for since birth.

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