Foster & Adoption FAQs

Adopting CPS children is often FREE! In some cases you can even get a monthly subsidy until the child is 18. FREE state college tuition and full coverage health insurance is available.

Yes! There is even a state program you may qualify for to assist with daycare.

Yes! A safe home with one loving stable parent is preferable to a dangerous home.

Yes! You can specify age, race and sex of the child you prefer and are entitled to review the child’s history. You do not have to take a child you don’t believe is the right match.

Yes! Parents receive a set monthly reimbursement based on the child’s needs. Usually 600-1300 a month depending on the level of the child. These funds are to assist in the costs related to caring for a child such as food, clothing, transportation and supervision. In addition, each child has medical and dental coverage.

Legacy Ranch provides ongoing training, special events, therapy, counseling, crisis intervention 24 hours per day, and many other daily support services for foster parents.

It usually takes 1-3 months to be licensed, but your preferences of placement help determine how long it takes to receive a child in your home.

Fostering/mentoring a child is not the same as parenting a child born to you. Over time, you may need to talk with that child about the birth family, or help the child manage feelings about being in foster care or being adopted. The training and support we provide will help you and the children make the placement successful.

Yes! There are many opportunities to volunteer and you can give money, goods, professional services or household items. Please contact us if you are interested.

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