Annual Training Requirements

Licensed foster parents in the State of Texas are required to complete annual training hours, as specified in the chart below.

If you are licensed for: Couple Mother Father Single Parent
Basic Care 20 20
Moderate 30 30 30
Specialized 30 30 30
Treatment Services 30 30 30

There are a number of ways Legacy Ranch foster parents can acquire their annual training hours:

PAPH & Medication Training – This training is required annually. Legacy Ranch provides these classes in conjunction with the Legacy Ranch New Foster/Adopt Parent Training held approximately four times during the calendar year. Be sure to plan early to attend so your annual certificate(s) do not expire before the next class date.

Attend Parenting Training and Retreats at Legacy Ranch – We combine training, potluck dinners, recreation and interactive foster family support through members of our Legacy Ranch community.

Self-Instructional Training – Up to 1/3 of your required annual training hours may come from self-instructional training (including a number of approved books and movies related to child care). A list of approved books and movies can be found below.

Books to read and submit book report form:

(50 pages equals one hour of training.)
Download the Book/Movie Report Form Here

Movies to watch and write a report:

Download the Book/Movie Report Form Here

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