Q&A with Mariah

My husband Chris and I became foster and adoptive parents in our early 20’s. Over the years we’ve seen what a huge need there is for kind, safe foster and adoptive families. At one point we had 14 children, including 10 teenage boys! We definitely tried to help as many as we could, but there was a limit. I was inspired to start Legacy Ranch because I believe that every child deserves a family and that there is an incredible purpose and destiny for them!
We have placed over 3,500 children in foster and adoptive families since 2006! We receive calls day and night with children who have been starved, beaten, violated, or left alone for days. It is so very sad, but love creates miracles and it is such a privilege to love these children, help them heal and be their advocate!

Our goal is to replace the heritage of abandonment, abuse and neglect with the legacy of hope, love and destiny. However it can be very difficult to find a foster family for large sibling groups and in many cases, children are split up, which creates so much more loss and trauma in their life. Sometimes when a sibling group of four children needs a home, they end up being split up in three different homes in different cities.

We established Legacy Ranch, a multi-generational community where siblings are saved the heartbreak of separation; a beautiful place of healing and hope where positive childhood memories are created as the different generations minister to each other. It is also a camp/retreat/training center for foster and adoptive families to encourage them, help their family bond, and experience good old-fashioned fun together!

We have a team that believes in the vision and wants to make a difference but we need your help with donations of resources and services, much like Extreme Home Makeover! You can become a Champion for Children and join the Legacy Ranch team, community connection, and more! For more information about Champions For Children opportunities click here!
There is FREE adoption, college and insurance available, and there are many amazing kids and teens waiting to be matched with a family!
We have a 24-hour hotline 512-945-8953 and we are here to help with assistance, information, support and adoptive family profiles as desired.
I held a live orientation conference call that was recorded so you can get the majority of your questions answered anytime!

Dial 605-468-8104 then enter access code: 627772#

You may be the missing piece of the puzzle! Contact me and let me know what is on your heart!

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