Recent Adoptions

Congratulations Lander Family!

Today we share a bit of the excitement and happiness that was going on at the Bexar Courthouse. Deborah Landers and Mark Landers opened up their home to these siblings 839 days ago! Today they were able to make their home the forever home of all 5 siblings. It was…..

Congratulations Janak Family!

Today we celebrate a family that is a true blessing to children in need. We are privileged and honored to announce the adoption of Lyla (Zalaihla) into the Janak family. Their journey had its up and down, but in the end, it was all worth it. The Janak family were…..

Congratulations Schaale Family!

We are so blessed to have so many adoptions occurring before the Christmas holiday!  Today we celebrate the Schaale Family on the adoption of Timothy and Mariah!  These kiddos were in foster care for 962 days!  The children and parents are beyond joyed to be a Forever Family!

Congratulations Vela Family!

It was a privilege and blessing to be able to attend the Adoption of Aidan and Adam Vela. The Vela family have really shown that GOD/LOVE is bigger than any problem/ situation. The family has loved on these two children since the day that they were placed in their home. The…..

Congratulations Hollis Family!

Congratulations to the Hollis Family who have waited 604 days to make official what was already in their hearts all along! Jaisen Howard Hollis this is your day! May your future be as bright as the light that exudes from your smiles! Asherdee and Daniel, Thank you for the pleasure…..

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