Recent Adoptions

Congratulations Taylor Family!

Today was a very special day for an amazing foster family as they were able to adopt a child after being in foster care for 1 year and a half. We love our families and sharing these special moments with you all!  Thank you so much for blessing this child’s…..

Congratulations Dayton Family!

This Amazing Family has now been licensed with us for over 10 years and have fostered 22 children! They have been such a great example of love, grace, and commitment for all of their children, including their 7 biological children that are now adults. On May 22th, they adopted their…..

Congratulations Dancy Family!

Today was a very special day for this forever family at the Lavaca County Courthouse. Jared has been in foster care for 768 days and today was the day he and his family will remember forever. Jared was adopted into his forever home and he was dressed for the occasion……

Congratulations Carrasco Family!

After 560 days in Foster Care, Sofia has been adopted into her forever family and officially a Carrasco! The Carrasco’s already have two other adopted children and now Sofia is part of this beautiful family!

Congratulations Calvery Family!

Theodore and Kaymily were in foster care for 613 days and Edward was in foster care since he was 3 days old totaling 382 days in care. All of these children were adopted on 3/19 and are blessed to be part of the Calvery Forever Family!

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