Your commitment to helping abused and neglected children in our community is greatly appreciated and essential to providing a loving environment for our kids. Your donation helped make this a great year for serving children!  It is donors like you that help us provide top-quality therapeutic and rehabilitative programs to thousands of abused children who have suffered greatly at the hands of others. Each of our programs was created with the intent to promote positive interactions, beneficial life skills, and individual well-being. This will assist all the children coming through Legacy Ranch to know that they are capable of great things.

We expanded our horse rescue at our Legacy Ranch Campus and recently brought in more horses and a pony who were headed to slaughter. These are sweet babies who just want to be loved and cared for. It’s so sad because they have rotten teeth, infected eyes, and cuts, bad feet, etc. We are fundraising to cover our initial costs plus vet, ferrier, grain, hay etc.  One of our rescues came pregnant and is due soon. We are excited her baby will have a chance to live and be loved! 

Our children often come to us in poor physical and mental condition and we nurse them back to health. We will do so with the horses as well and we love your support. Of course, our children come first but we love our horses and other animals too. It’s so incredible to see them together loving and healing each other’s hearts



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